Let us worry about the details

We can assist you with every stage of planning your wedding. Whether it’s the ceremony, reception, catering, venues, cakes, flowers, coordination… we do it all! Garrison Designs is a one stop shop and our experience can save you time, money, and stress. Let us take care of everything so you can enjoy the special moment with the people you love.

We rent traditional & contemporary wedding equipment. Our rentals include candelabras, silk floral, gazebos, chair covers, and so much more. All equipment is available on a first come basis for different rates. However, if we are designing your wedding and are your chosen florist, the rental price is discounted.

Stop in for your free consultation

During this consultation we can help you select all of the pieces needed to create the wedding of your dreams. We will typically provide you with pricing of individual items, however, once you have completed the selection process there may be discounts available. Just like everything else you purchase, the more you buy the more you save! This proposal typically happens during the next scheduled consultation. Contact one of our wedding specialists today to start planning the wedding you deserve!

The Bouquet

Choosing the bouquet is often the hardest part of planning a wedding. A great way to begin is by looking at pictures to decide what style you want. Traditional, Contemporary, Cascade, Nosegay, Presentation, Free Style, Handheld, or Euro-handgathered? Next, decide on what types of flowers, color, and size. Remember – it is your bouquet- choose what YOU want.

Boutonnieres & Corsages

Boutonnieres are the adornment for a man’s lapel, while corsages are for woman. Corsages typically have a ribbon and are made for the wrist or to be “pinned” on the women’s lapel area on the left side. Boutonnieres & corsages should reflect the design elements of the wedding. A current “trend” is instead of corsages, individuals carry a finger tip bouquet. This is a very small bouquet that usually has the same flowers used.

The Ceremony

Once you have chosen a date and secured a venue you can decide on the theme or design of your wedding. Colors and season are important, as well as indoor or outdoor. The size of the space you have to decorate mandates what items you can use to decorate.

The Reception

Planning the reception is the “fun” part! It is where your guest are going to spend the most time during the day… so make it fun, beautiful, and reflective of you. Make sure that your guest’s last impression of your day is unique and truly a day to remember. Your are already on your way, just by being on the Garrison Designs web site.

Our experienced wedding designers can help with choosing the perfect design to fit your style, colors, season and budget. Our staff have years of experience and are true designers. If it can be done, we can do it! Contact a designer today!

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